Employees at Frederikssund-Halsnæs Fire and Rescue Team in Denmark have designed and built a shelving system in a newly purchased fire engine.

csm_Teleskopskenor_aluminiumprofiler_brandbil_1_29415acfc3.jpgThe fire and rescue team has several kinds of fire trucks, in this case an emergency vehicle for smaller rescue tasks.

The shelving system is built with Rollco aluminium profiles size 30×30 mm as well as angles and brackets. Extractable shelves are mounted with Rollco telescopic rails type the 3080. The telescopic rails are 100% extractable and do in this case carry an evenly distributed load of 190 kg at 600 mm extraction and 140 kg at 1100 mm extension. Both product types are available in our standard range.csm_Teleskopskenor_aluminiumprofiler_brandbil_2_fc9878b1d3.jpg

The improved interior of the fire engine facilitates the work of the firefighters and provides a better work position. Additionally, the interior gives a good overview of the equipment, which can be crucial in a stressful situation.