Telescopic Rail Heavy

Telescopic Rails Heavy are designed specifically for industrial applications. They are ideal for applications with frequent movements, high loads, minimal deflection and high precision.

The rails are made of cold drawn carbon steel for high durability. The raceways are hardened to achieve a smooth and easy operation, even at vibrations and impacts.

The telescopic rails have a load capacity of up to 2 ton/pair. They are available in sizes with stroke lengths up to 2 m in both directions.

We offer many different types of telescopic rails: With extension in one or both directions, with 50% or full extension. We also have special solutions for extensions over 100%. The telescopic rails come in series ASN, DS-, DE- and DBN.


    • Heavy load
    • High precision
    • Space saving design
    • Reliable
    • Stroke can be adapted according to special needs



    • Train (doors, battery boxes etc.)
    • Building and machining industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Packaging machines
    • Special machinery


    Note! These products are not for available for sale on all markets. Please contact us for more information