Linear Rail HRC/ARC/ERC

Ball chain as option

Rail guides with ball chain for extremely silent and smooth operation. The system uses O-configuration, which makes it a perfect choice for single rail installations. The ball chain keeps the balls separated and by that it increases life time and creates a more silent running performance. The contact angle between the rail and ball is 45 degrees, and can manage the four directional load effects. 

Ball Chain_O-Arrangements.png  Ball Chain_X-Arrangements.png
O-arrangement                                                     X-arrangement


The sliders are as standard equipped with steel ends to make them more robust and allow higher speeds. The sliders are also available with integrated lubrication container, which does not affect the sliders total length and increases the service intervalls.

Ball Chain_Numbered.jpg


  1. Inner lubrication storage pad (upper)
  2. End cap
  3. High abrasion material low friction end seal
  4. Inner lubrication storage pad (bottom)
  5. Ball chain
  6. Stainless steel reinforcement plate

    • Quiet with long service life.
    • High dynamic load and high load capabilities.
    • High moment and stiffness.
    • Dustproof design.
    • Optional surface treatments.

    Rail guides have a wide area of use. They are suitable for most applications that needs a linear movement.