We have a wide range of linear guides that suits application from small, light loads to heavy movements. The linear rail systems have ball or roller bearing which provide good torque absorption, high load capacity and low friction.

Fast delivery from own warehouse in Helsingborg

In our workshop we cut rail and assemble sliders and seals according to your requests, with different pretension and precision classes. The rails can be surface treated and joint.

Long experience and application knowledge

We help with technical advice, construction and provide CAD files for all our different types of rail guides.

 Below you will find the benefits of the different systems.

LinearHRC.jpg LinearSBI.jpg

Linear Rail HRC/ERC/ARC

  • Size 15-55
  • Load capacity ≤ 220000Nm
  • Available in corrosion resistant material
  • Bottom mounted or counterbore rails
  • Wide variant available
  • Ball chain for quiet operation
  • Internal lubrication storage as option
  • Stainless steel reinforcement plate

Linear Rail SBI

  • Size 15-65
  • Load capacity ≤ 350000Nm
  • Available in corrosion resistant materials
  • Bottom mounted or counterbore rails
  • Available with external lubrication containers
LinearMiniature.jpg RollerGuide.jpg

Linear Rail Miniature

  • Size 3-15
  • Load capacity ≤ 12580Nm
  • For compact application
  • Stainless steel as standard

Linear Roller Guide

  • Size 25-65
  • Load capacity ≤ 579000Nm
  • High rigidity
  • High carrying capacity at static loads
  • Vibration resistant

Linear Rail Aluminium

  • Size 15-25
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low weight

Is this not that you were looking for? We have a lot of other solutions. If you have special requests regarding temperature, deviations in parallelism or need non-linear special movements, see our other products here.