Rollco Belt Conveyors


Our belt conveyors are available in two sizes, BF40 and the larger BF80. The size is often determined by the accumulated weight, size, or amount of the goods needed to be transported and are either head-driven or center-driven. Center-drives are always preferable for reversible operations.

The conveyors are built on a frame of aluminium profiles with a stainless steel sheet metal and a assortment of steel and aluminium components. Customisation is possible, anything to meet your requirements.

Many widths are available; however, trending widths have been brought forward for better efficiency. Conveyor lengths are always made to order.

We offer a wide range of standard belts. For specialized belts please contact us, as we have more options available to cover requirements from most industries.

Our belt conveyors are available with very short lead-time.


We can also provide stands for the conveyor belts. The stands are made from aluminium profiles, guaranteed 100% compatible with the conveyor and are made to order. Available with adjustable feet, fixable feet or wheels.


Conveyor guides are ideal for diverting, accumulating or guiding goods. We have several solutions, examples include bent plates and additional adjustable guide profiles.


We also have experience of more specialized conveyors, including parallel driven, toothed conveyors and knife edged solutions. With the knife edge solution, the end diameter can be reduced to Ø 20 mm. Don´t hesitate to contact us regarding your specific application.