Linear Unit MTJZ 40

The MTJZ series contains Z-axis linear units with toothed belt drive, integrated ball rail system and compact dimensions. This linear units provide high performance features such as, high speed, good accuracy and repeatability by vertical applications.

In the linear units MTJZ is used a pre-tensioned steel reinforced AT polyurethane timing toothed belt. In conjunction with a zero-backlash drive pulley high moments with alternating loads with good positioning accuracy, low wear and low noise can be realized.

The in the profile slot driving timing belt protects all the parts in the profile from dust and other contaminations. The drive block provides the possibility to attach a motor or gearbox housing and additional accessories on it.

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Dimensions in mm.
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Product Information

Modulus of Elasticity: E = 70000 N / mm2
Operating Temperature (°C): 0 ~ +60 For operating temperature out of the presented range, please contact Rollco.
Duty Cycle: 100%
Max. Acceleration (m/s²): 70
Max. Travel Speed (m/s): 5
Designation Select all Compare Get quote Lead Time * Dynamic Load Capacity C (N) Static Load Capacity C0 (N) Dynamic Moment Mx (Nm) Dynamic Moment My (Nm) Dynamic Moment Mz (Nm) Mass of Drive Block (kg) Max. Permissible Loads Forces Fpy (N) Max. Permissible Loads Forces Fpz (N) Max. Permissible Loads Moments Mpx (Nm) Max. Permissible Loads Moments Mpy (Nm) Max. Permissible Loads Moments Mpz (Nm) Max. Repeatability (mm) Max. Length Version 1 Lmax (mm) Max. Length Version 2 Lmax (mm) Max. Stroke Version 1 (mm) Max. Stroke Version 2 (mm) Min. Stroke (mm)
Get quote 2 4610 6930 28 120 120 0.95 2320 1510 14 40 62 ± 0.08 1000 3000 792 2792 25

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Designation Select all Compare Get quote Max. Drive Torque (Nm) Pulley Drive Ratio (mm/rev) Pulley Diameter Planar Moment of Inertia ly (cm⁴) Planar Moment of Inertia lz (cm⁴) Belt Type Belt Width Max. Force Transmitted by Belt (N) Specific Spring Constant Cspec (N)
Get quote 3.6 99 31.51 9.8 11.6 AT3 20 230 225000
Designation Select all Compare Get quote Mass of Linear Unit (kg) Mass Moment of Inertia Version 1 (10⁻⁴ kg m²) Mass Moment of Inertia of Drive Block Version 2 (10⁻⁴ kg m²) Planar Moment of Inertia ly (cm⁴) Planar Moment of Inertia lz (cm⁴)
Get quote 1.7 + 0.0023 × (Abs. Stroke + (nb - 1) × A) + 0.95 × (nb - 1) 2.1 + 0.0058 × (Abs. Stroke × (nb - 1) × A) + 0.22 × (nb - 1) 2.6 9.8 11.6