In a fire engine, quick and easy access to equipment is crucial. Where space is very limited, smart solutions are needed. Telescopic rails adapted to industrial needs, with high load capacity, are a suitable product for this type of application.

In ambulances, as in fire engines, there is a need for easy access to equipment in confined spaces. There is also a need to be able to move stretchers in and out in a safe and ergonomic way. Compact Rail, which consists of a fixed and an adjustable rail, is often a suitable solution. With these, both parallelism errors and angular errors in constructions can be taken into account.

Moving heavy battery boxes on industrial vehicles and trains often requires a telescopic movement with high torque. Here the Heavy Telescopic with a load capacity of up to 3800 kg/pair is often a perfect solution.




    Full extension w. guide rails, fixed and movable and two sliders
  • Rail

    Standard zinc plated steel or Stainless Steel C-rail
  • Pull-out boxes and modules in emergency vehicles
  • Adjustment of seats, control panels and monitors in industrial vehicles
  • Stretchers and ramps for wheelchairs
  • Military vehicles
  • Battery boxes