In the manufacturing industry, safety guards and other types of machine protection devices are needed to safeguard both people and machines. Often a frame is constructed from aluminium profiles to which various types of panels, mesh or plates are attached. The range of handles, feet, hinges and other accessories is very large and offers good possibilities for user and application customisation.

There are many cases where linear components play an important role in machine protection:

  • Telescopic functions for maximum accessibility
  • Linear units together with positioning systems for safe format changes.
  • BUS communication with important safety functions
  • Belt and roller conveyors for good ergonomics
  • Ball screws with safety nuts for ensuring durability


  • Machine protection – protection of people and the environment
  • Machine protection – protection of machines against e.g. dirt and dust
  • Enclosures
  • Protective walls
  • Laser enclosures – for protection against laser exposure
  • Noise barriers