Medical devices for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are an ever-evolving field. High demands are placed on both safety and user comfort in positioning and automation. Linear controls such as linear rail systems and ball screws are suitable for examination equipment such as mammography and other X-ray equipment.

Increased automation in laboratories has led to faster workflows with fewer errors. Pick & Place robots for test tubes or liquid pumps are examples of applications where miniature stainless steel linear rail guides are suitable. Maintenance-free products are an advantage and often a requirement.

Ball screws and linear rail systems are often suitable for open solutions. For applications requiring closed solutions, we offer products such as PNCE (electromechanical cylinders), MCE/MSCE (miniature electromechanical cylinders and slider) and a wide range of linear units.


  • Mammography equipment
  • Automated laboratory processes
  • X-ray examination tables
  • Dental chairs and chairs for other treatments
  • Material handling
  • Automated production
  • Machine protection