Rollco Belt driven Linear Unit RHL


RHL is a complete linear unit with rail guide and toothed belt. The unit is delivered ready for installation and thereby saves both design and assembly time. Other advantages are that it is compact and compatible with structural systems. 

Linear Unit RHL is available in two sizes, RHL80 and RHL110. The stroke length is selectable per millimetre from zero up to 10 meter. It is also possible to use RHL in X-Y-Z systems.

We cut and assemble everything in our own workshop, which enables very short delivery times. We have various accessories such as T-slots, angles and mounting plates in stock. We can also manufacture motor flanges and make other adjustments according to our customers´ needs.

Add a planetary gearbox for a complete solution

We offer planetary gearboxes that connects to linear units RHL by using our adapter-kit. The planetary gearboxes are available in both straight and right-angle execution. In our CAD-configurator it is easy to design your linear unit and planetary gearbox by yourself. You can then download associated CAD-files.