Rollco 20 Years!

1999 was the year when we worried that the Millennium bug would knock out all the computers in the world. Ricky Martin and Britney Spears topped the pop charts. The euro was introduced and the Ericsson T28 was the hottest mobile phone on the market. This was also the year when Rollco was founded.

The 9th of September 1999, Rollco started up in Sweden and Denmark. The purpose was to offer all customers, big or small, components for linear movement to a reasonable price with short lead times. A lot has changed over the years, but this is something that still infuses the entire company.

Over time, we have grown and expanded in new markets. Today we have 75 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Taiwan.

Now when we celebrate our 20th anniversary we bring all our experience and knowledge and head into a future with new exciting possibilities. Our goal is to assist you in the best way possible, whether it is about finding the right product, providing quick technical advice or fast deliveries. That is what drives us to constantly improve our products and expertise.

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