Service & Support


Rollco has operated in the industry for almost 25 years and many of our employees have even longer experience. This gives us a solid product understanding and knowledge.

A large part of our business consists of developing and designing customer-unique solutions for linear motion. This means that we work with your needs and challenges at the center to create cost-effective solutions in a simple and smart way. A project may initially revolve about a specific product, but by focusing on the application and specific requirements, it can sometimes lead to a completely different product and ultimately a better solution.

Long lead times are generally a problem in the industry and we do everything we can to ensure that you as a customer do not have to wait. We work actively with our suppliers to shorten lead times and streamline deliveries. We have a large warehouse in Helsingborg to be able to deliver quickly and in the best case ship from us the day after the order is placed. Similarly, we also strive for quick and easy communication with you.