Aluminium Profiles


Extended Profile System After New Cooperation with Paletti

We introduce a new supplier of aluminium profiles and thereby expand our range. Our new partner, Paletti, already has a large and highly developed range. Through them, we also have the opportunity to, without intermediators, develop and produce new solutions.

Paletti manufactures aluminium profiles in several different versions, from standard profiles to profiles with low weight or reinforcements. Naturally there are profiles in many different variations such as angle and radius profiles. The profiles and accessories are simple and convenient to assemble with the parts required to manufacture e.g. complete machine frames, stands, work stations and fixtures.

Our new product range enables us to provide the customers with the exact product they need. Furthermore, it allows more advanced and cost-effective designs. We have all imaginable products available to help our customer in the best and fastest way.

An additional advantage is that our new partner is closer to the Nordic region than our previous supplier, which gives us faster deliveries and shorter transports.

The new range will be available in early 2019. More information to follow. We will of course have solutions to all customers using our existing aluminium system.