Curvi Line

Curvi Line is a rail system with curved rails intended for all non-linear special movements. The system is customised for each specific application, resulting in a highly flexible and economical solution.

The rails are available in two widths, 16 mm or 23 mm. Minimum radius is 120 mm for unhardened rails. For hardened rail is the minimum radius 300 mm for size 16 mm and 400 mm for size 23 mm. The sliders have either three or four rollers and maintain the desired preload through the entire movement. Moving roller mountings and the paired application of concentric and eccentric roller pins ensures uniform running even with a complex rail layout. Rails can be ordered with constant or variable radius.


The layout of CKR guide rails corresponds to a partial section of a complete circle.


CVR curvilinear rail is a variable combination of various radii and straight partial pieces.


Curvi Line is available in zinc plated or in stainless steel. For increased anticorrosive protection, application-specific surface treatments are available on request, e.g. as nickel-plated design with FDA approval for use in the food industry. Contact your Rollco representative for more information.


  1. Zinc-plated steel slider
  2. Zinc-plated rail
  3. Bearing steel roller pins

    • Straight and curved sections in one continuous rail possible.
    • Sliders with four rollers arranged in pairs maintain the preload over the entire rail length.
    • Customised according to application requirements.
    • Available in stainless steel.

    • Packaging machines
    • Railway car interior doors
    • Special extensions
    • Shipbuilding (interior doors)
    • Food industry

    Please contact us for CAD files.