PSE 31 - Shaft 8 mm hollow

• Absolute measuring system
• Position control for direct connection to a control module
• Space-saving, compact design
• Galvanically separated supply voltages between control and motor and bus
• Durable EC-motor
• Extremely accurate positioning due to measurement of the position at the output side
• Bus interfaces simplify start-up and wiring complexity
• Address may be set using the bus or an address switch (not for IO-Link)
• Baud rate set via switch
• Status messages retrievable via bus
• Partial safety function for STO (Safe Torque Off)

Dimensions in mm.
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Product Information

Type: Vertical
Nominal Torque (Nm): 1; 2; 5
Nominal Speed (rpm): 40; 115; 210
Nominal Voltage (V DC): 24 (± 10 %)
Nominal Current (A): 2.2
Output Shaft (mm): 8
Output Shaft Type: Hollow
BUS Communication: Can Open (CA); Profi Bus (DP); Device Net (DN); Modbus (MB); IO-Link (IO); ProfiNet (PN); Sercos (SE); EtherCat (EC); Ethernet IP (EI); PowerLink (PL)
Electrical connection: "Standard; with jog keys; 1 connector Y-encoded or 1 connector Y-encoded with jog keys"
Protection Class: IP54; IP65
Motor: EC-motor
Supply Voltage: 24 V DC ± 10 % galvanically separated between control and motor and bus
Measurement System: Absolute, optical-magnetic
Accuracy: ± 0.9°
Intermittence: 30% (basis time 300 s)
Manual Adjustment: No
Brake: No
Designation Select all Compare Get quote Lead Time * Nominal Torque (Nm) Nominal Speed (rpm) Nominal Current (A) Self-holding Torque (Nm) Positioning Range (rot.)
Get quote 2 1 210 2.2 0.5 250
Get quote 2 2 115 2.2 1 250
Get quote 2 5 40 2.2 2.5 250

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