Linear Unit QME Right + Left drive

By using Linear Unit QME from Rollco you save both time and money. The units are designed to fulfil the need of an easy to mount unit for medium precision requirements. The units are ready to mount linear tables guided with linear ball bearings on hardened shafts and driven by ball- or lead-screw. There is a wide variety of executions available for quick delivery from our workshop.

• Selectable standard options are:
• Bellows
• Hand wheel
• Screw locking
• Mechanical position counter
• Left+Right drive units
• Magnetic end position switches

Ask us if you need higher level of corrosion resistance, low/high temperature versions, other screw-leads or -types, customized machining of the drive- and mounting-interfaces and so on.

• Linear ball bearings used for lowest friction and minimal and persistent play.
• Low backlash ball screw, optional with reduced backlash or backlash eliminated by light preload.
• Customized mounting flange for motor and/or customized end-machining of the screw shaft available.
• Corrosion resistant version as option.

Note that “stroke” for a L+R unit refers to the stroke of each individual slider.
All drive end types possible also for Left + Right drive.

Please contact us for CAD-files!
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Designation Select all Compare Get quote Lead Time * Drive screw Ltot
Get quote 2 Tr screw TR1203/TL1203 stroke * 2+183
Get quote 2 Tr screw TR1604/TL1604 stroke * 2+280
Get quote 2 Ball screw SR3205/SL3205 stroke * 2+422

*Green: Normally in stock, contact us for current status. Blue: Contact us for delivery time.