CeramicSpeed – balls and technical surface coatings

You can upgrade your linear rail guide or ball screw, with ceramic balls and different types of surface treatments. Thanks to our cooperation with CeramicSpeed, it is possible to upgrade several of our standard products.

CorroCoat – Long life coating

Thanks to CorroCoat surface treatment, your products service life considerably increases. Bearing rollers, races and other wear parts, get a very high corrosion resistance. The coating is suitable for all types of steel, including stainless steel.


  • 2-4 longer service life
  • Excellent corrosive protection
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Minimum rolling friction
  • FDA / EN1935 approved
  • Good wear resistance

linear rail guides HRC/ARC/ERC

Ceramic Balls

Ceramic balls are superior to steel balls in all physical measurable properties. The increased hardness of the balls means that the contact area between the ball and the raceway is reduced. This leads to less friction, higher potential speeds and less energy waste. The hardness combined with the extremely smooth surface, also make the balls far more durable than steel balls.

  • Extreme wear resistance
  • 100 % non-corrosive and stainless
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Electrically insulating
  • Lightweight
  • Increased precision and stiffness – fewer vibrations
  • Increased resistance to contamination
  • Increased resistance to fluctuating speed                 


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linear ball screws